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这个要根据情况而定,for大多后面跟人或为了什么目的而做的事,当然还有许多for的短语,to后面大多是不定式,但也有to的短语,例如:make a contribution to,pay attention to等,完成句子时,都要靠你良好的词组记忆力和对英语的语感,多练这些问题自然而然就解决了.

want to do expect to do wish to do desire to do long to do forget to do remember to do try to do manage to do hate to do like/ dislike to do continue to do

一些抽象动词,1)通常表示心理状态、情感、意图的词汇,后面跟 to do 表示 将抽象的动作付之于具体的行动,这类动词很多;2) 一些动词,无法用具体动作来描述,如: 努力endeavor ,买不起买得起,afford ,而用动词不定式来具体描述:综合上述两个特点,举例如下 :afford, agree , attempt mean, desire, intend , dream, eager, pledge, wish, urge demad, determine, endeavor,manage, plan ,prepare, seek, strive, venture, want, wish

V+to do long, want, expect, hope, wish, desire, refuse, agree, pretend, promise, aim, choose, decide, claim, demand, learn

1.感官动词和使役动词在主动语态中不需要带to,即我们常说的“一觉二听三让五看”:feel, listen to 、hear ,let、make、have, see、watch、notice、observe、look at. He noticed Tom take a branch of flowers in his hand.他注意到汤姆手中拿着一

forget to do sth remember doing sth; remember to do sth finish doing sth see sb doing sth watsh sb doing sth try to do sth; try doing sth start doing sth ;start to do sth begin doing sth ;begin to do sth hear sb doing sth ;hear sb to do sth have fun

afford agree arrange ask beg care choose decide demand determine expect fear help hope learn manage offer plan prepare pretend promise refuse want wish

affordtodosth.负担得起做某事 agreetodosth.同意做某事 arrangetodosth.安排做某事 asktodosth.要求做某事 begtodosth.请求做某事 caretodosth.想要做某事 choosetodosth.决定做某事 decidetodosth.决定做某事 demandtodosth.要求做某事

help sb. do sth. make sb. do sth. let sb. do sth. decide to do would like to do ask sb. to do sth. tell sb. to do sth. welcome to do ;welcome sb. to do forget to do/doing 忘记去做/忘记了是否做过 remember to do/doing 记得做过/记得是否做过 regret to do

afford to do sth. 负担得起做某事 agree to do sth. 同意做某事 arrange to do sth.安排做某事 ask to do sth. 要求做某事 beg to do sth. 请求做某事 care to do sth. 想要做某事 choose to do sth. 决定做某事 decide to do sth. 决定做某事 demand to do sth.

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