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1 精通汉语2 英语良好,知道习惯用法3 汉语和英语有机结合


翻译部分的分值占总分的5% 也就是36分,当然不是完完整整的写出来才能得分,而是按步给分的,如果语法错误当然扣分比较严重,但一个句子如果只是单词拼写错误的话只会扣一到两分.其实翻译部分无需太过注重,重点在听力,阅读和写作上.每年的平均分得看试卷的难易程度了

1 Internet (to us) will no longer strange.2. To some extent, it is becoming a part of our everyday life.3 but recently another useful online services are very popular.4 in recent years, the development of distance education network abroad soon, which

In the animation, soon after, it was soon recognized that the commercial value of the animation. China in 1922 will be the first animated film advertising "shuzhendong Chinese typewriter," the author of the work is "10000's brother." Animation

Thank you for teach us knowledge of English,And let us learn how to use English grammar,We encourage give us a bad mood,Allow us to correct our mistakes when,Thank you, wish you good health and happiness

1 Without the trust of the people of our cause will not succeed. Public relations companies or other institutions to provide information on activities (public relation) 3 corporation is to make decisions, they want everyone to understand this decision


In thhe past I felt my schoolyard was always very noisy so that I couldn't calm down to study. Many people would fight for fun or even fought in the corridors. Some students even smoke. Students often had conflicts or contradictions. The relationship | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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