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答案是: 1. I want a pair of gloves 2. frist of all , we must finish our homework 3.welcome back to school 4. you can find your pen in the Lost and Found box careful with the man , he is a thief 6.from now on ,we must study hard 7.let me help

had maked up his new

1、最浪费不起的是时间. Is the most can't afford to waste time. 2、浪费时间是一桩大罪过. Wasting time is a great sin. 3、最忙的人有最多的时间. Busiest men find the most time. 4、一万年太久,只争朝夕. Is too long, seize every minute. 5

造句是不会,但是可以翻译,来自19班的同学比其他班的聪明Students from class 19 are more intelligent than others.

The city is vast compared to our village.Canada has many immigrants from Europe.I must make the decision regardless.We have plenty of time to catch the train.Do you know the latest trend in fashion?China is rich in minerals.A birthday is no

I prefer apple to banana.I went to her for help.Please hold it up for a while.

他十九岁时学过中文When he was 19, he studied Chinese

19 century is the century English, 20th century are American century, the 21st century is the century of China. China today as a healthy dash of lion.希望可以帮助你哟



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