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一篇英语作文,题目:6月7日是父亲节,请你以My FA...

My FatherMy father is a doctor who works really hard. He has devoted himself to his career for he gets up very early and gets back home late. What he thinks about all day long is the patients and how he can release the pains of his patients. And he

my father is (名字).he is 数学老师.he is fat

Today is Father's Day.I did a lot of meaningful things for my father.In the morning ,I went to buy a tie for my father in the store.And I helped father to tidy the garden when I came back.In the afternoon,I cooked the supper for father and mother.At night,

Today is Father'Day .i love my father so much that i 've done many things for the morning i bought some flowers with pocket money and put them in the the

father's day father's day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood. father's day was first born in 1910 in the united states. it was proposed by a lady when she was celebrating mother's day. many countries celebrate it on the third

父亲节的英语作文 花是大自然最美妙的礼物.每个人都喜欢它们.花象征着爱,幸福,欢乐以及所有积极的情感.而那些古老悠久的花已经成为所有仪式和节日中最主要的部分. 但现在人们对花产生了一个误解.大多数时候人们把花与女性联

Business week's father with exhausted body went back home. I can finally to the "straight" consult my math problems. Strangely enough, for days it is difficult to see his figure. Every time a day's work, he came home after washing bath and hurried

===================== The Origin of Father's Day ===================== Father's Day is a holiday to celebrate fatherhood and parenting by males, just as Mother's Day celebrates motherhood. Typically giving gifts to fathers and celebrating

For the Love of My Father Over the years, I never thought of my father as being very emotional, and he never was, at least not in front of me. Even though he was 68 years old and only five-foot-nine, while I was six feet and 260 pounds, he seemed

My father My father's name is Wang Yaohan. He has an English name, Jack. He is thirty-eight years old. My father is a worker. He works in a factory. He has two big eyes and two big ears. He has short hair. My father is very thin. He is only fifty

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