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爱上你的笑----Fall in love with your smile

People here are very hardworking and brave.

I am sorry,my baby.I lost the gifts you gave me.I cherish it so much,you know.But it seems that it doesn't belong to me any moreThose flowers and smiles in the past could not make me happy other than the Ipod you gave me.However, what I can do

I never ever hate you or blame you,I only want you tell you solftly :,Darling, please allow me to call you this,buti still love you !

1.我们帮助别人,显示我们的爱和关怀 2.我们感觉很好,当我们向他人展示仁爱 3.it是pleasent对我帮助angone谁需要帮助 4,加速寿命试验,并在世界上最美丽的东西是爱 5.我们可以做很多事情来帮助曾经帮助我们的人 6.爱就像在黑暗中光 7.让我们制订lourage,自信和幸福的爱的方式 8.友谊是爱没有他的假发 9,停留时间短摇摆爱情是怎样的人谁比我们更是unfortanwate 10.志愿者让世界更好的温暖

Thank you for your visit to our school . During this period,you'll live and have meals in my house. Let me tell you the related things. For example:school activities in the morning,visiting the city in the afternoon,watching TV and playing games in the evening.

As homework, I do every day

Driving back home on the highway

Do I follow whatis your happy live

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