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1.用一般过去时造句 I did my homework yesterday afternoon. 2.用过去进行时造句 I was doing my homework at five o'clock yesterday afternoon 3.用过去进行时造句 和2一样啊,是不是你写错了呢? 4.用一般将来时造句 I will do my homework tomorrow 或者是 I am going to do my homework tomorrow. 5.用现在完成时造句 I have done my homework already.

1. i am reading 我在读书. 2 it is necessary for you to do homework 你必须得做作业 get up at 7:00 is my habit 七点起初是我的习惯 4. i will return the book to you as soon as i finish it 我一看完书就还你 5. whether you'll success depends on

1.what's the matter with you ?2.the pills really helped to get rid of my stomachache. 药片确实使我的胃不再痛了3.they are talking a sore point 他们在讨论一个惹人恼怒的话题4.不会5.Has she got a fever?他有没有发烧6.I want to drink some


They are filthy with money.他们有的是钱. Do not eat sordid food.不吃不干净的食物. Technical foul is often occurred in the football match.足球赛上常常发生技术犯规. His behaviour caused his parents a great deal of pain.他的所作所为使他的

Happy new year! Have a good time.可以直接用i'm having a meeting.我正在开会.i had have a meeting.我之前开了一个会.i will have a meeting..我将要..we should

i am taken photos when i play basketball. 我打篮球时被拍了照,被动语态一般现在时i have done part time work since my entering the university 现在完成时i was got my ears pierced被动语态的过去时i have achieved my first dream,entering the university现在完成时she has gone shopping for three hours现在完成时a choice should be made by mysef有情态动词的被动语态

at last,we won the game.最后,我们赢了比赛

1.Jacky was excited to travel there by plane.2.Everyone wants to stand on top of the world3.My father make my siter go to bed .4.I can get happiness from you. 5.You can't depend on

I became inspire very much when my idear improved by my boss.当我的主意被老板赞同时我受到很大鼓舞.Don't put your skin expose to the sun all day.别整天在阳光下暴晒.

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