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She gets up at six in the morning every day.

当然 这些进步都是潜移默化的

i live to eat fish his nose is red touch my face ,feel hot october is a good festival actor get high salary his car is gray

I sometimes get up early. I sometimes go to bed very late. I have been to Beijing some times. I do sports some times a week. I will go to Europe sometime. I will grow up sometime. It often takes me some time to take a bus. I always spend some time

She always goes to school on foot.He is always early to go to school.They always help each other.I will always love you.Always have breakfast.I always have lunch at twelve.

1,every worker in the factory usually works 8 hours everyday on the average.2,the population of China is on the rise.3,in the long run,you should do part-time job before you graduate from college.4,one day,you will carry the day .

1. My pet dogI have a pet dog named Lucky. It has white and soft furs with two small 她擅长英语而我擅长数学,因此我们彼此互相帮助.她和我有相同的兴趣:喜欢旅游、

1.一天有多少个小时?---24小时How many hours in a day? Twenty four hours.2.一年有多少天?---365天How many days in a year? Three hundred and sixty five days.3.一年有多少个月?---12个月How many months in yea


1. That is a policy, which aims at stabilizing the economy. 那是一个旨在稳定经济的政策.2. I would like to know something about your study plan. 我想知道一些关于你的学习计划.3. I would like to know that if your mind bo

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