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This summer I will go on a trip to Qingdao with my family. I like the sunshine ,the beach and the sea .Qingdao has many tourist attractions ,including underwater world,Laoshan mountain, Zhongshan park and so on. I am sure that we will have a nice

take:You have to take it as you find it.对这个你只得将就些算了.The mother took her child by the hand.母亲拉着孩子的手.bring:Why don't you bring you favourite girl along?你为什么不带你最喜欢的女儿一块儿来呢?Bring the children back from the kindergarten at four o'clock.下午四点把孩子们从幼儿园接回来.

带给某人某物I bring the book to Jim.为某人买某物 I buy a bike for Lucy. 给某人某物 I give the rule to Lily.借给某人某物 I lend money to my brother.为某人做某事 She makes a toy for me.

I can take it to school .我能带他去学校.Remember bring it !记住带走它!I can take it to school on my bike.我可以用我的自行车带它去学校.You know,computers bring troubles as well.要知道,电脑也带来很多麻烦

wordworkeralwaysbringcalmdon't worry句子你就自己随便写吧.

listen to musicplay basketballgo home earlywatch TVhave coke希望对你有帮助

Pizza is a kind of popular food in China. (披萨现在在中国很是种很有人气很流行的食物)I like eating pizza because it tastes well (我也很喜欢吃披萨,因为它很美味.)Zest for pizza can be seen everywhere around the world. (全世界都有热

1、I have taken many photos .Take care of the penny and the pounds will take care of themselves.2、Bring your dictionary to me,please.I will bring my favourite book tomorrow.3、2AB+54、1/2(A-B)-1

i can't solve the problem, so i asked the teacher for help. 我不会做这个题,于是就向老师求助. i read the textbook carefully to find how to solve the problem. 我认真看了课本,力图找到解决问题的办法. today's homework is to make vocabulary lists. 今天的作业是作一个词汇表.

can take it to school on my bike. 我可以用我的自行车带它去学校.you know, computers bring troubles as well. 要知道,电脑也带来很多麻烦

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