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1.respond: [ ris'pnd ] v. 回答,回报,反应 responded是respond的过去分词 vt.以回答[+that] 造句:1.The government has responded to pressure and dropped the proposal. 2.He responded no to the first question. 2.远的;久远的;远离的[(+

第一到第九个单词分别是I'm two(three, four,ten) years old! 第十到第二十七个单词分别是There is a boat (window,board)! 二十八到三十三个单词和一到九一样I'm years old. 后来的数字都可以造句成 I'm years old! 34.I have black hair 35.

Fish lives in the water. He has a big nose. She has a beautiful face. I'm going to Beijing on October. He is a good actor. I have a red car.

1.The lark salutes the dawn. 云雀用歌声迎接黎明. 2.Each year, the Tibetan people celebrate the Tibetan New Year, the Sour Milk Drinking Festival, the Butter Lamp Festival, the Bathing Festival, the Ongkor (Bumper Harvest) Festival and the

1.Human's brains are different from animals'.2.We should pay attention to teachers on the class.3.We have the ability to speak.4.The mouse is connected with the computer.5.We should review the lessons before class.6.Students are active on the

tired: never tire of reading classics.这些古典名著我百读不厌.astonished:The news astonished everyone.这消息使大家感到惊讶 interested:He is ninterested in politics.他喜欢政治.frightened:She was frightened by a dog. 她被一条狗吓坏了

1.The paper is burning.那张纸正在燃烧.2.Your bedroom is very mess, you should clean it.你的卧室很乱,你需要整理一下.3.We are growing up.我们正在成长.4.He send me a ring.他送给我一枚戒指.5.June first is our parens'anniversary.六月 i sent her a gift as a token of my congratulation. 我给她寄去一件礼物表示祝贺. 2.shark he told me he once caught a shark, but i know he was swinging the lead. 他告诉我有一回他捕到了一条鲨鱼,我知道他是在胡诌. 3.aquarium a large

1.ok, i'll keep that in mind.好的.我会记住的 my topic is confidence.今天我演讲的主题是“自信”.3.i can't imagine that anyone cares what i do.我想不出谁会关心我的所作所为.4.she can memorize facts very quickly.她能很快记住许多

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