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1.I carry the table to the yard.2.My mother never shouts at me.3.I find out the book on the ground.4.The window is break.5.Tom won the game.6.I send the book to the library.7.I leave home at 7 o'clock everyday.8.Don't put the book on the ground.9.Tom lose the game.10.I picked up the pen for Tom.

.present tense (10 sentences) 2.past tense (10 sentences) 3.continusus tense(10 sentences) 4.has,have,is,a(10 sentences) 5.fasts事实/order命令 (10 sentencesBesides English, he has to study German. 除了英语, 他还要学德语. Ben, Carol and Mike, for instance. 他的几个朋友来了, 比如本、

1.i cut my thumber by accident. 2.they were caught in the rain on the way. 3. i didn't wake up until i heard the alarm clock. it was not until she got married that she knew the truth. 4. he passed the exam in the end. 5. perhaps someone took your umbrella by mistake.

It doesn't matter. I often have a stomache. I have got a sore throat. I have a toothache. I have a high fever. Drink water with honey in it. I want to be a dentist. You should be careful. Get up early tomorrow morning. They've got a big problem.

i hope you give me that bag i hope to get high marks i wish to have a good holiday i wish you merry christmas i wish you finish this work

1.look like ---Lily looks like her mother.2.want to dosth-- I want to go shopping.3.on the weekend--What can we do on the weekend?4.look through--Look through this window and you'll see a beautiful garden.5.wait in line--We should wait in line.6.

1.I have been to Beijing before.我以前去过北京.2.We have a great time at the party.我们在舞会上度过了愉快的时光.3.He will go skating this Sunday.他这周日要去滑冰.4.I heard of his name before.我以前听说过他的名字.5.In fact, the student'

He was ill, and therefore could not come. 他病了, 所以未能来. When I say that the boys are lazy, I except you. 我说男孩懒惰, 并不包括你. I feel depressed because I lost my bike which one do you like best? who are you? will you let me do this?

I became inspire very much when my idear improved by my boss.当我的主意被老板赞 别整天在阳光下暴晒.Everytime I think of you,it seems I can see your eyes in front of

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