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用hAvE to造祈使句

Students have to go to school early .I have to finish my homework first.We have to listen to teachers carefully .I have to take care of my little sister.I have to go home.

1 don't arrive late for class.不能上课迟到.2 don' run in the hallways.不能在走廊跑.3 don't fight with someone.不能打架.4 don't listen to the music in the classroom.不能在教室里听音乐.5 don't wear a hat in the classroom.不能在教室里戴帽子.6 don't litter 不乱扔垃圾

I had to do my homework last night

最恰当的翻译:I found a new job at the supermarket用have to 的话如下:I have a new work to do in the supermarket.

我个人总结的与一些教材上不同,L型:Let sb do sth Let's go home.V型:look at the picture.B型:be careful.N型:No photos.祈使句表达请求命令和建议,主语是you常省去,否定前面加动态Don'thave to 后面加动词原形,must后面也加动词原形.害我的词义是必须不得不,表示客观,外在环境影响的,must 表示主观意愿,意思是必须.

答案是: 肯定句:we are going to play soccer tomorrow 否定句: we aren't going to play soccer tomorrow be going to 结构没有祈使句,只有肯定句 否定句 和特殊疑问句 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

1. have to I have to go home now.I don't have to go home now.Do you have to go home now? Yes, I do./No, I don't.2.can I can speak English.I can't speak English.Can you speak English? Yes, I can./ No, I can't.3. must I must finish it now.I don't need to finsh it now.Must I finish it now? yes, you must./no you needn't.

I have got to school.我已经到学校了 I have to do homework now.我现在不得不做作业了.

1、用had better造句---'d better=had better(not)+动词原形You 'd better finish your homework before school is over.2、祈使句造句---Come and listen to me .3、用一般现在

have to客观上,不得不must 主观上必须祈使句是省略了you的句子,所以第三人称不做主语,

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