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你只需要分清has和have的区别,就能很快的解决这个问题了,has是第三人称是用的,have是第一和第二人称时用的 eg. 1. we were having breakfast. 我们正在吃早餐. 2. have you got a pencil? 你有铅笔吗? 3. he has eaten a whole box of chocolates. 他吃了一整盒巧克力. 4. he has no friend other than you. 他除你之外就没有别的朋友了. 5. listening to the music has a calming influence on her. 听音乐对她起了一种镇静的作用.

I have a new pen.我有了一支新的钢笔.Thet have a lot of money.他们有很多钱.Have some apples.来点苹果吧.I have already finished my homework.我已经完成我的作业了.I have fish for dinner.晚餐我有鱼吃.She has a old car.她有一辆旧车.He has no idea.他没有主意.He has gone.他走了He has just seen a teacher.他刚才看到一位老师She has a ruler.她有一把尺子

1Alex has already gone 亚历克斯已经走了.2When I met her, she had just returned from a job interview 我遇见她时,她刚参加完一场求职面试回来.3You haven't sent her away, have you? 你还没有把她送走,是吗?4He arrived in San Francisco

1:i have a big family. 2:you have a beautiful car. 3:they have a bedroom. 4:we have lots of friends here . 5:they are having breakfast. 1;the desk has four legs . 2;he has a round face . 3;she has a toy . 4;jack has big eyes. 5:she has two brothers.

Have you found out who did it 你查明了这是谁干的吗?No,I've not.不,我没有.这里是完成时!望采纳,谢谢!

Do you have any money? NO,I don't.

I have a pen he hai a pen

She has a old car.她有一辆旧车.He has no idea.他没有主意.He has gone.他走了 He has just seen a teacher.他刚才看到一位老师 She has a ruler.她有一把尺子

I have a cat 我有一只猫He has a English book 他有一本英语书

I have a apple

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