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I'm going to play basketball.我正要去打篮球.表示将来时,并没有发生.

曾经有一次 there was a time when i failed the college entrance test. i was desperate.

My mother allows me to play computer games for half an hour every day. 我妈妈每天允许我玩半个小时的电脑游戏.

i like to dress casually,我喜欢穿着随意些. 或者 i like dressing casually,他们意思一样,建议你选择后者.

Because I

The engineering feat, called the south-north water diversion project, is china's most ambitious attempt to subjugate nature.

Tom is an execellennt optometrist. 汤姆是个出色的验光师

I. am. talented. in. playing. games.

用 make a mistake 造句吧. If you make a mistake ,please correct it . 如果你犯了错误,请改正它.

Many people have been terrorized into leaving.很多人都被恐吓到离开.

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