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They are filthy with money.他们有的是钱. Do not eat sordid food.不吃不干净的食物. Technical foul is often occurred in the football match.足球赛上常常发生技术犯规. His behaviour caused his parents a great deal of pain.他的所作所为使他的

humour(幽默):The story is full of humour.punchline(点睛之笔):This statement is the punchline of this article.up to now (到目前为止) :Up to now,the work has been quite smoothcontent(满足的):H

human race:In the ashes,they found some bones of human race beings. electronic:This camera has an electronic. burst into laughter:He often bursts into laughter and we think he is funny.

David organized activities On the other hand by using those tools. there has all kinds of cars. They made those cards by themselves.

Playing computer game is not beneficial to our study.Nobody is stupid.The latter answer is incorrect.I come here to congratulate your success.In other words, there is no

1. I like to lie on the sofa when I am tired.2. I have come to understand its meaning after several days.3. She completed English homework by using an English-Chinese

你好!There are many professors in a college.我的回答你还满意吗~~

1.Changjiang is one of the longest rivers in the world2.The apple is the biggest on this table3.The box is the largest in the room4.The mountain is the highest in this city5.The mouse is the smallest in the hole6.The pairs of shoes is the lightest in the

1.honest Honesty is the best policy. 诚实才是上策. He is an honest boy. 他是个诚实的男孩. 2. brave He was very brave about his operation. 他对手术毫无惧色. She braved death to rescue me. 她冒着生命危险来救我. 3.fond I'm fond of pop

1. She hasn't talked to me ever since she transferred. 2. Asian people account for 20% in the population of Australia. 3. Mr. Bush made an official visit to Tokyo in March. 4. Michael Jackson's burial has attracted worldwide attention. 5. You can't

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