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重庆市(英语:Municipality of Chongqing 拼音:chóng qìng).中文简称“渝”.英文简称“Chongqing”,英文旧译“Chungking”,是“威妥玛式”旧拼法的译音.


Chungking 是清朝的时候,西方传教士使用的一种拼音.Chongqing是建国以后,使用的汉语拼音,现在咱们都这么拼.Chungking 读作:春 king ,和“重庆”的读音大致一样.

Hello,welcome to Chongqing! Chongqing is a very beautiful city,it islocated in the southwest of China! The weather here is very changable,and it is also known as“the Foggy City”because of the thick

北京:Peking 上海:Shanghai 香港:Hongkong 重庆:Chungking

Widely acknowledged as the largest industrial and economic center in southwestern China, Chongqing City is a popular destination for travelers with its hilly slopes, rivers, night views and spicy food. Meaning "double celebrations" in Chinese,


ChongQing is in the south of China. It position is longitude 105-110degrees east,and locate in latitude 28-32 degrees north.ChongQing is in the center zone of Yangtze River Three Gorges .The acreage of Chongqing is 82400 square kilometer and


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