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1. How was the weather yesterday?2. What was the weather like yesterday?3. I did my homework yesterday.昨天我做作业.

当你用昨天造句When you used yesterday.当你用昨天造句When you used yesterday.

我昨天写作业了英语:I did my homework yesterday 写作业:do homework 昨天:yesterday

who did there yesterday?

你好!昨天我妈妈给我买了一本新书.英文翻译_My mother bought a new book for me yesterday.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

yesterday, today and tomorrow

而你平时不常迟到,所以从明天开始你最好不要再迟到了As you was late for school yesterday, which was not the case happening often in your life, you had better not to be late again from tomorrow on. 昨天你上学迟到了

He said he remembers the film yesterday.Why did the child run away?I will finish the book in a week.He becomes the most popular writer as soon as it is off the press.

1 The baby didn't cry last night. 2 I read this book yesterday morning. 3 Our classroom is clean and bright. 4 It is important to develop West China. 5 You should start talking with the corret way. 6 The story was father telling us. 7 She comes earlier than yesterday.

I am here now. I am back I like it. I was here yesterday. I saw the movie. I heard that voice I am doing my homework I am palying cards. I am watching are so are good at are saw it yesterdayyou did it!you were a

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