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Look With Your HEArt 歌词

歌曲名:look inside your heart歌手:neil sedaka专辑:the many sides of neil sedakabackstreet boys---back to your heartits not that i cant live without youits just that i dont even want to tryevery night i dream about youever since the day we said

歌曲名:Look Inside Your Heart 歌手:Neil Sedaka 专辑:The Many Sides Of Neil Sedaka Backstreet Boys---Back To Your Heart Its not that I cant live without you Its just that I dont even want to try Every night I dream about you Ever since the day

listen with your heart歌词大意如下:用心聆听当你找不到办法度过黑夜时当你失去了感动(的能力)感觉什么都不对的时候你不知道那条小路将带你通往何处你也不知道该选择那条路当你不得不(做出选择)时用心聆听聆听你的灵魂在那里你将

歌曲名:Look in Your Heart歌手:Ernie Watts专辑:Look In Your Hearthiding from the rain and snowtrying to forget but i won t let golooking at a crowded streetlistening to my own heart beatso many peopleall around the worldtell me where do i

歌曲名:Look Into Your Heart (Album Version)歌手:Whitney Houston专辑:A Tribute To Curtis MayfieldLook Into Your HeartIf you look into your heart with the positive mind,Take something victory of your woman and your glory,Let the bad things

歌曲名:Listen With Your Heart歌手e68a84e799bee5baa631333332633034:CeCe Winans专辑:Everlasting LoveCasey Donovan -《Listen With Your Heart》Robin_SHIWhen you can't find your way through the nightWhen you've lost touch and

歌曲名:With All Your Heart歌手:电影原声专辑:pokemon 2000- the power of oneBackstreet Boys---Back To Your HeartIts not that I cant live without youIts just that I dont even want to tryEvery night I dream about youEver since the day we said

歌曲名:《Listen To Your Heart》所属专辑:《Look Sharp!》歌曲时长:3.50分钟发行时间:1988年原唱:Roxette 成绩:1988年10月全美排行榜冠军曲中文歌词:我看出你微笑中的忧伤我看出你眼神中的彷徨 你经营的爱已分崩离析你小小

歌曲名:In Your Heart歌手:A Place To Bury Strangers专辑:In Your HeartIn Your HeartA Place To Bury StrangersDon't say that you are nice to me alrightYou're lyingDon't say that you will be with me tonightYou're lyingDon't think I forgot what you

歌曲名:Follow Your Heart歌手:Thompson Twins专辑:Original Album ClassicsMario Frangouli - Follow your HeartEvery little tear you cryLeaves your heart so heavyEvery time you hear goodbyeYou wonder will it ever endThere's nothing I can tell

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