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她跟他似乎前所未有地亲近,两人之间的巨大鸿沟之上一时似乎架起了桥梁. All the information accessible by WAIS is also available to Gopher and through WWW (World Wide Web).所有通过WAIS获得的资料也可以通过WWW(World Wide Web)

be accessible to [英][bi: ksesbl tu:][美][bi kssbl tu] 可接近的; 例句:1.It is open to all sk telecom customers and by year-end will be accessible to customers ofrival carriers using smartphones, a spokesperson said. 它面向所有的sk电信用户提供服务,并且借助运营商到年底将很容易争取竞争对手的智能手机用户,一位发言人说.

People can go to Tibet by train soon

be written by 是被动,有be动词,主谓宾,举个例子,the fiction is written by Mark.written by 没有be动词,作状语或者定语,例如,It is a successful fiction written by Mark.


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1、be covered with 和be covered by 汉语意思相近,都可以翻译成“被/由、、、、、、覆盖”.但是,二者结构本身名称不同.2、be covered with 叫做系表结构,介词with 后面经常接事物,有时也可以接人.例如:In cold winter,many parts in

be covered by/with的区别: 这两个短语的主要区别在于be covered with 中covered 有形容词的感觉,是一种状态.而be covered by 更有一种动作的感觉. 在某些句子中他们的意思相近,比如可以说: The field is covered with snow. The field is

是的.be accessible to的意思是:易接近的;能进入的;也可以译为可以理解的.

1.知道,了解 His coming can be identified by the footsteps.听脚步声就知道他回来了.2.被冠以身份(名字) You will be identified by this nickname within the community.这将是你在小超人乐园中使用的名字.3.被检查出 Borneolum yntheticum, Catechu ould be identified by TLC.在TLC色谱中可检出冰片、儿茶的特征斑点.

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