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BE Angry with造句

I am angry with Peter.

My teacher was angry with me because I was late for school.我的老师对我很生气,因为我上学迟到了.Don't be angry with me, Dad! Let me explain!别对我发火,爸爸!听我解释!

Don't be angry with me!My dad was quite angry with me, because I failed in my English exam.

be angry with [英][bi: ri wi][美][bi ri w] 对(某人)生气; 网络 生气; 气恼; 生某人的气; 双语例句1 Parents had better not often be angry with children.父母最好不要经常对孩子发脾气.be angry at [英][bi: ri t][美]

angry造句:the angry mob lynched an innocent man .病狂的暴民私刑冶死一名无辜.he got so angry that he tipped the table up 他气得把桌子推翻了.but i was too angry and too sick .但是,那时我太生气,也太懊丧了.

i am angry with you because you are lazy.

Please don't be angry with me. It wasn't my fault. 请别冲着我发脾气,不是我的错. The moment I saw you, I knew you were angry with me. 我一看到你,就知道你在生我的气.

恩,又来了你.How many times your teacher has become angry with you on your carelessness?

I'm angry with my mother,They'er angry with the teacher.My father is angry with my puppy.

He is angry with his son.

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