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any,是表示一些,应该是表达一种程度. 如果在口语中,我想应该可以去掉的,不过在高考中,我想还是不要去掉的好. if you say:"i don't have money." i guess you are very poor ! but,"i don't have any money" maybe you have a little of money,but, it's not more!

不等于的.have no money 中 have 是动词 ,有 的意思.haven't =have not 其中,have 是助词,后面必须加一个动词才能跟名词money

1. couldn't afford2. in green and yellow3. buy at

其实一般来说在比较严谨的语法中,只有当have做助动词时,在可以在其后加not表否定,所以当表示“没有.”时,如果要用haven't的话,正规的句子应该是: I haven't got any money.(现在完成时,haven't 做助动词) 当have做实意动词时,用

I have no money等于I haven't any money.很多时候否定都会用any,表示一点都没有

I can't afford the computer.We have bags of green and yellow at the store.

C much修饰不可数名词,money为不可数名词,many修饰可数名词的复数,friends为可数名词的复数,故选C.


i didn't have enough money to take a taxi

D 本题的含义是我没有钱坐出租车,只能步行回家,BC表示否定意思,与题意不符,some通常用于肯定句或部分疑问句中,any用于否定句或部分疑问句中,故选D.

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