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Don hAvE to造句

I have to go to work everyday.You don't have to worry about him, he has come back.

The young people have to work hard to buy a house.年轻人不得不努力工作来买套房子.Because of the bad weather, the sports meeting has to be cancled.由于天气原因,运动会不得不取消.

I have to eat dinner

I have to do my homework at school 我在学校必须做作业-------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢.

I have to back home.she has to back home.You don't have to eat something.He doesn't have to drink water.

You don't have to be too worried.

I (don't) have to go to school now .I (don't) have to eat dinner nowI (don't) have to wear scarf in winterI (don't) have to finish the homework now.I (don't) have to go out.

I have to help him.我不得不帮助他,.have to表示“不得不”,不情愿的意思.

I have to do my homework at school我在学校必须做作业-------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢.

.这是have to式的1、I have to go to school.2、I have to go to bed,because it' twelve o'clock now.3、It's a windy day.I have to take a lots of warm clothes.4、I'm fat,I have to go on a diet.5、I have to clean my room.6、I have to take a bath

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