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Don t you造句

1.If you're not satisfied with the life you're living, don't just complain. Do something about it. 对于现况的不满,不能只是抱怨,要有勇气作出改变.2.I don't want any more of that heavy stuff. 我再也不想碰那种麻烦事了.3.Don't worry. We'll have you

Don't smoking here Don't spitting here Don't shouting here 望采纳谢谢

Don't make any noise,you'd better not wake your father up.别吵,你最好不要把你爸爸吵醒.


1、Don't touch it. 别碰它! 2、Don't forget what you can't do. 别忘了你不可以做什么. 3、Don't think I could live there permanently. 别认为我可以永远生活在这里. 4、Don't pursue the wrong thing. 不要追求错误的东西! 5、 Don't smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink. 不要吸烟、嚼口香糖、吃或喝.

Why don't you play basketball

Don't do thisDon't do thatDon't do anythingDon't do you homeworkDon't do you classworkDon't laughDon't eatDon't cryDon't sleepDon't listen

可以这样用“don't”造句: 1、e799bee5baa6e79fa5e98193e59b9ee7ad9431333363396337Do not come in unless asked. 非请莫入. 2、Don't you believe it.决不要相信它. 3、Don't anyone make any noise. 谁也不要吵吵闹闹. 4、Don't

.;t you,喜欢就是Yes应该用yes,I do/No.句型不论怎么问,你都要按真实情况来回答,不喜欢就是NO 而完整的答句应该是Yes,Don'

1.if you don't go to school,you can't have a good study 2.if you don't take care of your sister ,you can't go away 3.if you don't see sky,you can't feel the beautful bule | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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