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EithEr oF造句

两个句子中任何一个都是对的.Either of the two sentences is right .你和Tom谁打算完成这项工作,没人打算.Who is going to finish this work , yor or Tom ? Neither of us ( is going to do so). 括号部分可不要.这两个问题中没有一个是简单的.Neither

Either of them is suitable for this position.Neither of you could afford this.Both of the brothers cannot solve the problem.Neither of us want to go home.

neither of n. 两个中没有一个 1.Neither of the men spoke : 两个人都没说过话. 2.Neither of those men is wrong.那两个人都没有错. 3.Neither of them is my brother. 他们俩都不是我的兄弟.

1. both 两者的都 常用搭配 both and2, neither 两者的都不 常用搭配:neither norboth - neither 是对应的3, either 表示“或者或者;两者之一”常用搭配:either.or4,none 三者或三者以上的“都不”如果需要例句,再追问我吧~

The thief was put in the police car with a policeman on either side of him. "窃贼被送到警车上,身旁各坐着一个警察. You may use either hammer. 两把锤子中你可以随便用哪一把. on either side of the river 在河的每一边 I'm afraid that either of them will not agree to this arrangement. 我担心他们两人都不会同意这样的安排的.

either有两个意思:一是“也”,用于否定句中,如:She doesn't like it, either. 一是“两者中的另一个”,在你所问的这个句子中,它就是这个意思.并且either出现在这里,也表示后面的us只有两个人.所以either of us就是“我们两人中任一个”

Either you sit here or I do

Either he or I don't like this book--无论他还是我都不喜欢这本书 eitheror意为“无论还是都..” 与neither nor相反

either 英[a(r)] 美[i, a] pron. (两者之中) 任何一个; adj. (两者中) 任一的; 非此即彼的,两者择一的; adv. (否定句中) 也; [用于否定句或否定词组后] 也(不…),亦,而且; [口语] [用于否定句或否定词组后以加强语气] 根本; 当然; [例句]They gave money to the Conservative Party either personally or through their companies 他们要么以个人名义要么通过他们的公司捐钱给了保守党.

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