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Enjoy thE rEst iF thE wEEkEnD是什么意思

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.中文意思:享受周末的休息.

Enjoy the rest of your day 享受当天余下的时间(一般在干完事后,有空闲)Enjoy the rest of your days!享受余生 或 安享晚年

我们的家庭在一起 词典结果 我们一家人在一起

Ways to spend the weekend There are many ways to spend the weekend, everyone has their different way spending it, but in my opinion, I think it is the best to spend fifteen percent of the weekend exercising in the gym, twenty-five percent studying

你好翻译是:to rest by doing something you enjoy通过做你喜欢的事情来休息

In the United States Monday is the beginning of the workweek;it is the day most Americans like least. It is not surprising that day they like most is Saturday. Saturday is the end of the workweek;it is the beginning of the weekend. Life is different on

enjoy seeing you 不是现在形成的想法,而是过去的想法,只是把它放到现在来说,故用would.或者就是虚拟语气了(不知对不对)如果你得到了正确答案,最好能告诉我们原因!

1.还有其他的问题吗? Any other questions? 2.我妈妈周末在家休息 My mum takes a rest at home on the weekends. 3.我想过一个轻松地周末 I want to have a relaxing weekend. 4.他有点害羞 He's a little shy. 5.动物园里有许多动物、 There are

选C 将来时干嘛周末不过来?我家人很喜欢再次见到你.

Jenny:It's so warm today!Let's go and have some sports!詹妮:今天太暖和了!咱们运动运动吧!Henry:Great!亨利:好啊!Tom:I want to play football!汤姆:我想踢足球!Mark:Good idea!I didn't play football the whole winter!马克:好主意

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