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givE up to 例句

I wish I could give up drinking. 我真希望自己能戒酒.

give the book/ pen/ salt盐/ glasses眼镜/ pencil/ present礼物/ knife小刀/ notebook笔记本/ eraser橡皮/ to me please.请把给我.

My father gives up smoking.我爸爸放弃抽烟.

never give up or give in.

Never give up doing anything you want to do.从来不想放弃做梦,宁可只是白日梦,不想放弃许多… he corner, I am compelled to give up doing sports.既然测验迫在眉睫,我不得不废弃做活动.

放弃(念头、希望等), 停止, 抛弃, 认输, 把送交, 对绝望(=give up) 例句:1. 让出 He gave up his seat to an old man.他让座给一位老人.2. 放弃 The girl gave up halfway.这女孩中途放弃.3. 戒绝 I wish I could give up drinking.我真希望自己能戒酒.

我来一句,意识是我爸打算戒烟, My father has to give up smoking .这样可以不?希望采纳!

You should give up watching TV.

give up1. 放弃,抛弃;辞去(工作、学业等):例句: When you get married, will you give up your job?你结婚后会不会辞去工作?2. 交出;让出;自首:例句: He refused to give the document up, even under pressure.即使受到压力,他仍拒绝


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