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give是个很活跃的词,搭配很多: give oneself (为)献身 give up 放弃;交出 give out 分发,发出;公布,发表;用尽,精疲力竭 give full play to 充分发挥 give in v. 屈服;让步;交上 give aid to 给…予帮助 give or take 增减……而无大变化

give up 放弃 give away 赠送 give in 让步,交给 give out 分发 give over 停止 give sth. back 把某物还给某人 give 流出,散发,发出 give-and-take 互相谦让 give-away 泄露秘密的话,表情或物品

give in 屈服,give up放弃,give out分发,give …to…,把…给…,give sb.sth.给某人某物.

give away 赠送礼物(礼物);颁发(奖品);泄露(秘密) give birth to 生孩子 give back 恢复;归还 give sb a hand 帮忙 give in 上交;投降;让步;屈服 give off 发出;放出(液体/气体/气味) give out 分发;用尽;耗尽 give sb a ring(phone/call

give out 分发 give away 赠送 give off 发出 give back 还回来 give in 屈服 投降 give up 放弃

有关give的几个常考短语 1. give sb sth / give sth to sb 把某物给某人.如: Please give me a dictionary. / Please give a dictionary tome. 请给我一本词典. 2. give away (1) 分发,送人,赠送.如: He gave away all his money to the poor. 他把所有

give sb. a call 给……打电话 give a talk 作报告 give a lecture (a piano concert)作讲座(举行钢琴音乐会) give back 归还,送回 give……some advice on 给……一些忠告 give lessons to 给……上课 give in 屈服 give up 放弃 give sb. a chance 给……一次机会 give a message to…… 给……一个口信

从牛津字典上整理的:give sb. away (在婚礼上)将新娘交给新郎give sth. away 赠送,捐赠;颁发,分发;失去,丧失,错失give away 泄露;暴露give sb. back sth.=give sth. back to sb. 归还,送回;使恢复,使重新获得give in (to sb./sth.) 屈

give up 放弃 give away 捐赠 give in 屈服 give out 放出(气体)

give away泄露秘密 give back归还 give in投降,交上去 give off发出(蒸汽、光等) give onself airs摆架子 give out用完 give rise to引起,导致 give up放弃,停止 give way让路;让步

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