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give up 放弃 give away 赠送 give in 让步,交给 give out 分发 give over 停止 give sth. back 把某物还给某人 give 流出,散发,发出 give-and-take 互相谦让 give-away 泄露秘密的话,表情或物品

give是个很活跃的词,搭配很多: give oneself (为)献身 give up 放弃;交出 give out 分发,发出;公布,发表;用尽,精疲力竭 give full play to 充分发挥 give in v. 屈服;让步;交上 give aid to 给…予帮助 give or take 增减……而无大变化

give out 分发 give away 赠送 give off 发出 give back 还回来 give in 屈服 投降 give up 放弃

1,常用的词组 give away 送掉, 分发 give back 归还, 恢复 give for 牺牲,交换 give in 投降, 屈服,give into 通向 give off 发出(蒸汽、光等),长出(枝、杈等) give on (门、窗等)向着2,基本用法:give sb sth 和 give sth to sb

give sb. a call 给……打电话 give a talk 作报告 give a lecture (a piano concert)作讲座(举行钢琴音乐会) give back 归还,送回 give……some advice on 给……一些忠告 give lessons to 给……上课 give up 放弃 give sb. a chance 给……一次机会

give sb sth=give sth to sb;sb用代百词的宾格形式 用五种基本句型来分析.give sb sth属于主度+谓+间宾+直宾;give sth to sb属于主+谓+宾+宾补.你的例句正确但是在应试英版语里不属于完整的句子,缺少主语即动作give的发出者,在动词前加上权 i 会更好!

give off发出,放出(蒸汽、气味等)give onto面临;朝向The door gives onto the garden.门开向花园.(= give on)give out分发to give out pamphlets分发小册子Give the money out to the children.把钱分给孩子们.用完,用尽Our food supply at last

Don't give your money away! Don't give your money out!不要把你的钱轻易地出手! Don't give the opportunity away!不要放弃机会! Don't give the news away!不要透露消息! Don't give him away!不要放过他!

give sb sth/give sth to sb的用法,但是sth如果在后面就不能用代词只能是名词,所以第二个错了 简单一点说就是give sb sth中sb和sth这两个宾语,常用的能接双宾语的及物动词有:give, teach, buy, lend, find, hand, leave, sell, show, read, pay, make, offer, build, pass, bring, cook等 双宾语由直接宾语和间接宾语组成.直接宾语是谓语动词的承受者,间接宾语表示谓语动作的方向(对谁做)或动作的目标(为谁做),间接宾语紧接在谓语动词后,但它不能单独存在.它和直接宾语组成双宾语

put、give、see put----put on(穿上); give up(放弃); see off(送别) put about---Who put that lie about?这谣言是谁散布的? 散布(消息) put down----\"Put it down

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