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give away泄露;赠送;分发;分送give back归还;送还;送回;恢复give up 放弃give way让路;让步;快车先行;屈服give off放出;发出或放出;释放;散发出give out分发;发出;放出give money金钱粮食各加一万;给钱;直接给钱;捐钱Give thanks献上感恩;献上感恩的心;心存感谢;感恩give offense冒犯;挑衅give orders发出命令;发出指令;出命令;发号施令

give是个很活跃的词,搭配很多: give oneself (为)献身 give up 放弃;交出 give out 分发,发出;公布,发表;用尽,精疲力竭 give full play to 充分发挥 give in v. 屈服;让步;交上 give aid to 给…予帮助 give or take 增减……而无大变化

give out 分发 give away 赠送 give off 发出 give back 还回来 give in 屈服 投降 give up 放弃

give up 放弃 give away 赠送 give in 让步,交给 give out 分发 give over 停止 give sth. back 把某物还给某人 give 流出,散发,发出 give-and-take 互相谦让 give-away 泄露秘密的话,表情或物品

give away送掉,分发 give back归还,恢复 give care留意,用心 give for牺牲,交换 give forth发出,发表 give in投降,屈服 give off发出,长出 give on向着 give out分发,发出 give over停止,放弃 give up放弃

hold back 阻止,hold up阻止,give off释放.

give-and-taken 互让, 妥协, 交换 give away v.送掉, 分发, 放弃, 泄露, 出卖, 让步, 陷下 give back v.归还, 恢复, 后退, 反射(声、光等) give air to v.发表 give anxiety to 使担心 give battle v.挑战 give care 留意, 用心 give for 1.牺牲

give it to sb. straight痛骂某人;责备某人give (sb.) what for痛骂某人;痛打某人give way (to)屈服;让步;坍塌;破裂; 重要性下降;被取代give off发出,放出(蒸汽、气味

give in屈服,让步 give out分发公布,用尽 give away捐赠;赠送;败露;泄露;颁发 give off发出;放出1.The rebels were forced to give in 叛乱分子被迫投降了2.Her patience finally gave out 她的耐性都被耗光了3.He gave away most of his money to charity 他把他的大部分钱都捐给了慈善事业4.the flowers gave off a fragrant perfume 花儿散发出芳香

give up 放弃,表示“戒”烟等也可以用.eg.I give up; tell me what the answer is.You ought to give up smoking; I gave it up last year.give away 舍弃,出卖,泄露,正式婚礼中新娘的父亲把新娘交送给新郎.eg.He decide to give away everything he

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