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hate sb 恨某人hate sth 恨某事hate to do sth 偶尔讨厌做某事hate doing sth 一向讨厌做某事

hate to do sth或者是hate doing sth都可以

1.I hate you.2.I hate to see the fact that I am living my life without you.3.You will feel tired if you hate someone for a long time.4.Hate is a deep and emotional extreme dislike, directed against a certain object or class of objects.5.Darkness cannot drive

hate的句型是 hatedoing?He is too old to travle around.(改为同义句) He is ____so___old__that____he___won't___travel around any __more____. The company plans to send____B____ to go to Mars first. A.few B.a few C.little D.a little 快点哦,谢谢大家. 祝你们天天快乐~~~~

hate to do 讨厌做某事 例如 I hate to go siwming 我不喜欢游泳 hate to go to school 我不喜欢上学

一般现在时:I hate you.一般过去时:I hated him before.过去进行时:hate 不能用于过去进行时,类似的词还有is,am,are,believe,belong,care,forget,have(有),hear,know,like,love,mean,mind,notice,own,remember,seem,suppose,understand,want,wish等.现在完成时:I have been hating you since you betrayed us.

A hate 不是否定词,尽管意思是不喜欢.

当然不是否定句了既然不是否定句,所以后者和前者一样的话,也就不能用表示否定的either了,而是Me, too

I主语 hate谓语 eating fish 宾语,,,主谓宾结构


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