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Today is Sunday. I visited my uncle with my father in the morning. In a traffic light, we saw a car accident. We were waiting for the traffic light. Suddenly, a motorbike ran the red light and crashed with a car. Luckily, the motor driver slowed down the

有一个意外accident ['ksidnt] n. 事故,意外的事 同义词:ortuity, chance event短语:1、accident insurance 意外保险 2、accident cost 意外费用,事故支出 3、accident hazard 意外风险 4、accident benefit 意外保险金 5、accident at work

meet with an accident【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

accident n.事故;意外have an accident 出事故,by accident 偶然;意外地

encounter an accident.

翻译成: 差点出事

have an accident出事故 Tim had an accident yesterday, he is now in hospital. ask for leave请假 I asked for leave yesterday because I was sick stay up late熬夜 I stayed up late yesterday to study for the test. in the sun在太阳下 Do not read books in

您好!1、help sb do sth:帮助某人做某事;2、have an accident:发生了一起事故;3、on the last day:在最后一天;请迅速采纳,谢谢!

你好!It`s not a matter of if you`ll have an accident, it`s a matter of when.字面意思翻译:你会发生意外的,这不是【如果】的事,只是【什么时间】的事.加工翻译:你会发生意外的,这不是假设,只是迟早的事.祝你开心如意!我的回答你还满意吗~~

Unless you take more care, you'll have an accident. (如果不多加小心的话,你会出事故的.)

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