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The young people have to work hard to buy a house.年轻人不得不努力工作来买套房子.Because of the bad weather, the sports meeting has to be cancled.由于天气原因,运动会不得不取消.

I have to do my homework at school 我在学校必须做作业-------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢.

I have to help him.我不得不帮助他,.have to表示“不得不”,不情愿的意思.

you have to sweep the floor.只要根据you have to do sth造句就行了.祝你顺利

I have to go now.I have to finish my homework tonight.

I have to eat dinner

1. I have to leave now.2. He had to stay in bed because of his illness.3. Do you have to get up at 6:00 in the morning?4. It's raining outside, so we have to wait.5. You have to finish your work before you go out.6. I'm very tired and I have to stop to rest

must 的意思是必须,强调主动.I must get up now.现在我该起床了.have to 的意思是不得不,强调的是被动.It's too late.I have to get up .太晚了,我不得不起床了.

have to/has to是助动词,有人称和数的变化,只有第三人称单数用has to,后面都接动词原形.eg:I have to leave now. She has to go home.

We have to wear school uniform every day.(我们必须每天穿校服.) 再看看别人怎么说的.

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