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have no foundationNo baseThere is no basis意思是没有基础

答案错了是 I don't have any any ,否定形式加助动词

那是因为no idea表示“不知道”等于I have no idea还等于I don't knowhave no可加不可数名词,也可加可数名词复数

是but,except前有实义动词“do”时,后可跟不带to的不定式.如无“do”,则要带.即有do无to,无do有to. 例子:The animy can do nothing but/except surrender(投降).

I Want to Be a Doctor I hope I can become a doctor in the future.'1 wasborn in a doctor's family, my parents are both doctors,they are always busy working for patients' health and haveno time to look after me. They saved many people's livesduring

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