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要看你想说什么了,你如果想问对方是怎么看的就是How do you see,但如果你是想说你看到了什么就是what do you see.

具体题目具体分析。 应该填一个可数名词复数。


how mayy birdes do you see中文意思 only one 你看到了多少新娘



how many birds do you see? 你看见了多少只鸟?

Take a look around you. Do you see how similar we are or do you see our According to scientists, we're born to be 99 percent the same. But we've been trained to the one percent that makes us different and this is the same one p...

:Gone歌手:Kelly Clarkson专辑:Breakaway# # # # # When You're Gone 从你离开后# # # I always needed time on my own# 我总是需要自己独处的时间# I never thought I'd need you there when I cried# 当我哭泣时从未想过需要你# And the da...

How often do you see a television?你多久看一次电视? 回答通常要用频度副词或诸如every day, each week, once a week, twice a day, four times a month等来回答。例如: 1. —How often do you see a television? —Twice a month. 2. —How oft...

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