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love yourself - justin bieber for all the times that you rain on my parade 一直以来 你就是淋湿我天堂的雨水 and all the clubs you get in using my name 你习惯打着我的名号混进每个夜店 you think you broke my heart oh girl for goodness sake 你以为你

for oneself为自己;独力地by oneself独自地,单独of oneself自动地,自发地in oneself自身;本来,本质上

[是believe in myself] Believe表示“相信”、“信以为真”(to accept as true)之意,它是及物动词,其后直接跟宾语.例: Do you believe his reports?你相信他的报告吗? I could hardly believe my eyes.我几乎不能相信自己的眼睛. In ancient

abandon oneself to指使放纵,使听任abandon myself指自我放纵, 或者说放任自流


I take the book for myself.我为(给)自己带的书.I take the book by myself.我自己带的书(意思没求别人或借助于其他力)This is the book of myself.这是(属于)我的书.in myself应该是在特定的语句中才出现,我不太理解,或者干脆就是错的.你要理解好for(为了)by(借助)of(所属),这题就不难了.

相信自己,相信我能. believe myself,believe i can

We want to believe in yourself. Believe that you can be full of power. Positive energy brings us life colorful. First of all, believe in yourself, we will become confident. In addition, we also can because believe in yourself and get a lot of achievements of

Believe in myselfAs an old saying goes,where there is a will,there is a way.There always are difficulties in our life and we have to face them.In fact,when I was a child, I always feel sad or nervous about the difficulties in my life .Then my parents told me

I am a student. I am sound in wind and limb. But I don't know anything except eating, slipping and playing. I can't finish anything without other's help, including my homework . So some people regard me as a useless fellow. As a matter of fact, I am

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