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kEEp up是什么意思

1、意思不同.(1)keep up 意为“保持,跟上,不减弱…”.例句:He lengthened his stride to keep up with her.(他迈大步追上她.) (2)keep on 意为"坚持,继续…".例句:If so, then keep on doing whatever it is that you're doing. 如果真的

keep up 保持;继续;不低落;不落后 双语例句1.Keep up the struggle till you succeed. 继续战斗直到你们取得胜利.2.I congratulate him for that, and we need to keep up the pressure on them. 对此我向他表示赞许. 我们有必要对他们保持压力.

keep upTo maintain in good condition:保持良好状态:kept up the property.保存财产To persevere in; carry on:保持;继续:We asked her to stop talking, but she kept up.我们请她别再说话了,但她依旧说下去To continue at the same level or

keep up 坚持; 维持; 继续; 不低落; 不为(疾病等)所屈;【刷】用大写正体排印 keep up with 跟上, 不落后; 与并肩前进 与保持接触 有关keep的短语: earn one's keep 挣钱维持生活 值得雇用; 值得豢养 for keeps [美俚]最后地;

keep up 英[ki:p p] 美[kip p] vi. 保持; 不减弱,(天气)持续不变; 保养; (使)不倒下; 保持不衰退; 例句 Let's see you keep up. 让我们来看看你跟上.常用短语 keep up with1.跟上 They walked so fast that I could not keepup with them.

keep up英 [ki:p p] 美 [kip p] vi. 保持;不减弱, (天气)持续不变;保养;(使)不倒下;保持不衰退

keep up with 赶得上;和…保持联系更多释义>> [网络短语] keep up with 跟上,不落后,赶上 Keep coming up with love 一直在爱 keep up with 跟上

keep up with [英][ki:p p wi][美][kip p w] 赶得上;和…保持联系 双语例句: 1.On one reckoning, in order to keep up with population growth farmers will have togrow more wheat and maize over the next 40 years than was grown in


make up 除了组成,还有化妆,弥补,铺床等意思 turn up 有调大的意思,也有出现的意思

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