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no swimming同义句

Don't swim望采纳 顺便插一句,don't加动词原形

Don't swim.

can't 或者是mustn't

“No swimming” stands for people are not allowed to swim here.“No swimming” means people are not allowed to swim here.

no swimming here =don't swim here

mustn't fishing swimming前面用mustn't:禁止: mustn't:禁止can't:不能.语气稍有差别,mustn't 禁止,语气比较严厉,和原意更贴切.住学习进步开开心心呵呵 请采纳

No swimming in the lake.

Peter has no interest in swimming.

he is good at swimming.的同义句:he ( does)(well )(in )swimming. be good at =do well in 都是在某方面做得好 、擅长的意思

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