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point to造句一个短句

Since this encompasses all products, there is no point to that filter.

point to 指向,指的是一个方向(东、南、西、北.) 例:He is pointing to the north 他正在指向北方 point at 指着,指的是一个具体的东东;例:Bob is pointing at a tree Bob正在指着一棵树 还有一条:point at :瞄准 (= point towards)

point to the window 指向窗户

point to the .指着The teacher is pointing to the blackboard and giving us an English lesson.

He points at a toy and wants to buy it.他指着一个玩具想买它.祝学习好!请及时采纳哦~~~~

point to……指向,表明point at……指向……point in……有意义;在…有作用point out……指出,指明有些意思相近,但用法不一,所以平时要加以区别.

Please point out an example of this text.

He points out my mistake and asks me to correct it. 他指出了我的错误并要求我改正. point 动词,指出 We didn't get to the point about the problem. 对于那个问题,我们没有达成一致看法 point 名词, 点

point to 英[pint tu:] 美[pnt tu] [词典] 指; 显示…的位置[方向]; 表明; 指画; [例句]High interest rates do not point to a buoyant market this year 今年的高利率并不表明市场繁荣.【我觉得应该是“指向”的意思.】

-beside point: 离题的,不相干的;不相干的;离题;离题的, 不相干的 离题的,不相干的 [CET4-词汇语法]英语四级常用短语汇总. before long 不久以后 beside point 离题的,不相干的 beyond question 毫无疑问 基于1259个网页 - 搜索 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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