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thanks for your question

在后面加名词或名词性从句或名词性短语,比如: Thank you for your help Thank you for your teaching me Thank you for that you chat with me everyday.

感谢某人做某事,举个例子,thank you for helping me with dishes,谢谢你帮我刷盘子,不懂记叙文我

英语中表示感谢的句型有:Thanks for Thank you for I appreciate it that Thank you very much 请采纳 谢谢

没有thank to sb.的说法感谢某人的句型一般有:thank you.thank you very much.thank you for.thanks.thanks a are so nice/kind to help me with.I appreciate that you.It is kind of you to do.

Thanks for all the thing you've done for me. 谢谢你为我所做的一切!

stop to do 停下来去做某事(另一件事)stop doing 停止做某事 remember to do 记住要做某事remember doing 记住曾做过某事thank sb for sth / doing sth 感谢某人(做)某事

thanks for your question


没有thanks to +n.=because of+sth.thank sb..for+sth./doing sth.

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