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The rain Words & Music: Ben Lorentzen, Torhild Nigar, Rolf Graf Raindrops on a leaf The morning mist, cover the fields Leaves blow in the wind Carry me home, carry me home Blowing wind touch my cheek Gently speak, see me weep Cross the

歌曲名:Come In From The Rain歌手:Melissa Manchester专辑:Better Days & Happy EndingsMelissa Manchester - Come In From The RainWell, hello thereGood old friend of mineYou'v

歌曲名:Sunshine In The Rain歌手:Bwo专辑:流行网络歌Sunahine Inthe RainBodies without organs(BWO)When I'm in Berlin you're off to LondonWhen I'm in New York you're doing RomeAll those crazy nights we spend togetherAs voices on the [by:Ronen Liwski] [00:21]Hello [00:25]Can you hear me? [00:29]Am I gettin' through to you? [00:32]Hello [00:36]Is it late there? [00:38]There's a laughter

歌曲名:Rhythm Of The Rain歌手:Jan & Dean专辑:Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin Rhythm Of The RainJan & DeanListen to the rhythm of the falling rainTelling me just what a fool I've beenI wish that it would go and let me cry in vainAnd let me be

歌曲名:Kissin' In the Rain歌手:Toby Keith专辑:Bullets In the Gun (Deluxe Edition)Toby Keith - Kissin' In the RainThunderbird was July hotAnd that muddy lake was the perfect spotFor campfires and drinkin' beerAnd skippin' half your senior

歌曲名:Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain歌手:Trevor Nasser专辑:EncoreI Saw You Walking In The Rainby:邦邦制造I saw you (and her)walking in the rainyou were holding handsand I'll never be the same.I saw you (and her)walking in the rainyou

歌曲名:I Am The Rain歌手:Peter Doherty专辑:Grace/WastelandsPete Doherty - I Am The RainI am the rainheld in disdainlotions and potions jut ad to my fameThe rime that in spainfall on the plainThe truth is I'm ruthlessI can't be contained.I'm

Rhythm Of The Rain歌手:Jason Donovan所属专辑:Let It Be MeListen to the rhythm of the falling rain听着雨落下的节奏声telling me just what a fool I've been.它对我轻语我之前的迟钝I wish that it would go and let me cryin' rain期望它停止 以让我

《Therain》才是它的真名.原唱是Oran Juice Jones.你想找的应是翻唱歌手Samira国内很多人不了解这歌的真正来源,99.99% 的人都将这歌的歌名误叫作《I saw you walking in the rain》,或者错叫《ISOYOU》,甚至有些CD上写的也是这个歌名,这是错的,千万别和外国朋友说上面的歌名,会被耻笑的,其实这歌是翻唱80年代Oran Juice Jones家传户晓的作品《Therain》,而现在大家听到的是由Samira翻唱的,感觉翻唱比原版好多了,主要是因为这个翻唱版本加上了许多现代的电子音乐,以前的那个版本是没有的.

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